Mr.Y.Jagan Mohan Reddy. 21st December,1972,01:27:54 Hrs,Jammalamadugu. Lagna Kanya with Uranus,2nd house mars,3rd house venus ,mercury,4th house Sun,Jupiter,Rahu, Moon and Ketu in 10th house, saturn (R) in 9th house. Present Dasa saturn and sub period venus up to 12 may 2010.....23/04/2011..he will be Very Good Position.



Sonia Gandhi Cancer,Midhunam,Arudhra 1st Padam. Even in coming election.She can't become P.M Will hold some position,But from 15/05/2010........... Mercury Dasa- Sub Period - Saturn because she should be careful about her health and internal politics.But it, she survive up to 2013,she will become a great leader as a parties president in kethu dasa start from 2013.May suffer with chest related problem.



Vrichikam,mesham,aswani 4th Padam,From 17-10-2008 Saturn Dasa Saturn is in 12 cusp Placed.It symbols not to be P.M