Auspicious time for Griha pravesh

What is the most auspicious time for Griha pravesh?

There is a saying in tamil "veetai kattipar, kalyanathai pannipar". This is one statement that puts the difficulty of building a house in essence. It literally means "It is so difficult to build a house as is to conduct a marriage". Since, so much importance is given to building a house, it is only natural that we identify the most auspicious time for Griha pravesh, of the house-warming ceremony, indicating the formal entry into the house, which is going to house them for a life time.


Griha pravesh dates

The horoscope of the man and the woman of the house are important when deciding on the auspicious time for griha pravesh. The Tamil panchangam for the year is consulted to identify the common griha pravesh dates for the husband and the wife.

The astrologer will consider all the possible dates and come up with a list of dates on the month requested by the owners. These dates are also available for instant reference at, where you just feed in your birth details and get the best date and most auspicious time for Griha pravesh in to your dream house.

The best griha pravesh dates in 2015 are available at ePanchang, based on the 2015 tamil panchangam, for August, September 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Things to help you decide the best time for Griha pravesh

Moving to a new house is what everyone aspires for but in the Hindu culture, greater significance is being given on this facet and people wait for auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh so that they have a good and memorable stay for lifetime in the same house. Most of the people look for the famed astrologers to help them in deciding the right date and time (shubh muhurat) to move into their houses for good luck and wealth.

From the ancient times, this thing is been followed and moving in your house on the right time has also paid dividends. With the advancements in the technology, you can also find out the auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh on the internet these days from the famed astrologers and make your arrangements. You can even get the facility of free dates that are provided by various top astrologers across the country. There are various things taken into the consideration by these astrologers before deciding the right time like the movement of the stars and movements, passage of time and some other. Here are some of the factors that can help you to determine the auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh with some brief explanations

Tamil panchang dates

The most common tool that is used by the priests and astrologer along the state of Tamilnadu is the Tamil panchang. It contains a list of major dates that that are best suited for griha pravesh. There are different types of dates that are chosen by the astrologers based on the location of your house or the type of Griha pravesh you are looking for whether you are going in a new house on a fresh land or re-moving into your new house.

Type of Griha Pravesh

It can be considered as the most important for the selection of the auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh as there are different types of dates and muhurats based on types of Griha pravesh. Here are some brief elaborations about the different types of Griha pravesh and the ideal timings for the same


Apoorva is the time when you first enter into your house which is newly constructed or bought by you. There are certain rules and regulations that are needed to be followed to find out the auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh in these types of movements. You must also keep in mind that you shall be very peculiar regarding the date and time in Apoorva as mentioned in the old sculptures. You must adhere to all the other vastu regulations in order to have a good time in your new house.

The astrologers recommend you to move into the new houses when the sun is in Uttarayan position as it is considered to be the auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh and guarantees good fortunes when you move in this period

Sapoorva and Dwandwah

When you come back to you home after an abroad trip or after living in some other locations, it is called Sapoorva. And when you move back to your house after renovation due to any damage it is called Dwandwah. The auspicious-time-for-Griha-pravesh is when the Venus and Jupiter are setting.